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Shell Art by Julio Guadalupe Meza  (Featured artist)
These pieces are all hand made by Julio Meza.
Sr. Mesa's work has been presented to many dignitaries around the world including Pope John Paul II and former Attorney General Janet Napolitano to name a few.

Four of his bigger pieces are in the Smithsonian.
Absolutely Stunning Work!

Mexican Mayolica
                    ceramics, Italian Majolica pottery
Majolica Pottery
This amazingly beautiful Majolica/Mayolica pottery is world famous.  These pots are 100% hand made.  It is made by actual Italian artists who relocated to Mexico many years ago.  They changed the name of this pottery to Mayolica to distinguish it from pottery made in Italy.

Mexican Pottery
Several different sizes and colors to choose from I plan to go to Casa Grande Mexico soon to meet the actual artist and to buy direct.  Casa Grande is famous for top notch Panted pottery from Mexico.

Abalone Shell Art
Abalone Shell Art
A variety of Abalone animals including Fish, Dolphins and birds.  We carry Polished Abalone shells as well.   I just picked these up at a market in Mexico,  they are hand made and wonderful display pieces.  

Mexican Trinket
                      Box's Mexican decorative Chest
Several styles and types to choose from.  We have abalone covered cedar wood boxes, Hand painted pine wood boxes, Painted with human hairs to create the fine detailed lines.  Metal framed Glass construction designs. 

These can be used as trinket boxes, Jewelry Boxes, or just as beautiful home decoration items. Mexican treasure chest!

Musical instruments
Mexican musical instruments 
Hand made and hand painted decorative Hand instruments. 
Wooden and Gourd Maraca's, Hand drums, Tambourines and more!

Shell Necklaces, made in Mexico
Hand painted Clay Fish
These are really Awesome works of art that can be used around the house in so many ways.
You can keep your car keys in one.  Use one as a candy dispenser/display.  Empty out your pocket in one or keep your change in one.

Best of all, These hand molded, painted and fired pieces are great just as a display piece.
Only $18 each!

Shell Necklaces, made in Mexico Ironwood sculptures and wine bottle toppers
Currently we have hand made Abalone Fish bottle openers, Shell necklaces and Mexican Vanilla from Mexican grown Vanilla Beans!

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Heche En Mexico
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I first traveled to Mexico about 7 years ago and was struck at all the amazing hand crafted art that was for sale in the markets.
Mexican art is almost all hand crafted and many people there make their living either making or selling this art. 
I decided to start an online store to make this art available to others that may not have the time or interest in traveling to Mexico themselves.
I hope you enjoy this art as much as I do.

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