Assorted other Mexican art Items
Fish Mobiles, abalone Fish, sheet metal Geckos, and Lemon pots

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Real Vanilla
100% Real Mexican Vanilla
Made from world Famous Mexican Vanilla beans
Each bottle is 250mL
$16.00 for 2 bottles!
One for you and one for a gift.

Necklace from Mexico
A Mexican necklace with alternating silver beads and translucent, pink tinted shells
18.5 inches long with a barrel nut clasp.

Necklace from Mexico
  Orange ocean shell necklace
18.5 inches long with a barrel nut clasp.

Mexican Neclaces
  Pink ocean shell necklace
18.5 inches long with a barrel nut clasp.

Ironwood sculture, Bald Eagle
Ironwood sculpture, Bald Eagle - 7.5" tall

Ironwood Sculpture, Roadrunner
Ironwood Sculpture, Roadrunner - 4" long

Copper and Brass Sun Face
Copper Sun Face with a Gecho hand stamped into the design.
Flames are copper with Brass tip flares
19" Diameter. 

Abalone Fish bottle openers
Abalone Fish bottle openers.  8 inches long
These unique Art items are hand made in Mexico.
The artist creates and intricate metal hinged frame and
covers the fish with Beautiful Abalone Shells.
These fish can bend in both directions and even use the tails as stands.
These are primarily art Items but are also made
so there mouths are functional bottle openers.
$50.00 Each

Mexican Blankets
Mexican musical instruments 
Hand made and hand painted decorative Hand instruments. 
Both Maraca's and Hand drums.
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Cactus tree light
Mexican Cactus tree
Candle holders built in with hinge door access
Colored Marbles make this a great Christmas Cactus

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