Abalone art from Mexico
A variety of Abalone animals including Fish, Dolphins and birds.  We carry Polished Abalone shells as well.  
I just picked these up at a market in Mexico,  they are hand made and wonderful display pieces.  

Click on each picture to enlarge

Abalone art
Abalone Dolphin
3 inches long

Abalone Bird
Abalone Bird
3.5 inches long inclusing beak

Abaolone bird
3.25 inches long including beak


Abalone Keychain
$25.00  Keychain bottle opener
Fish is 3 inches long

Abalone FishAbalone Bottle opener
Hand made abalone hinged bottle opener/paperwieght  
8 inches long

Abalone shellAbalone shell
7.5 inches wide

Please call 1-480-558-5345 to order any of these Items
Or Email me at:  Ed@Art-of-Mexico.com

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