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Julio Guadalupe Meza was born in 1954 at Guaymas, Sate of Sonora, Mexico.  
He resides in Puerto Penasco with his wife and 4 Children today.
He began his career by selling hand made flowers with his Aunt at the age of three,
expanding into shells as he became old enough to collect them.  To this day he
Spends many days each year gathering shells from the salt water of his beloved and beautiful Western Mexico.
He painstakingly cleans and sorts shells, a long a laborious process,
to ensure the God given natural beauty of the shell is retained.
Each finished piece is individually hand crafted for the enjoyment of all those who see his works.
No two are ever duplicated exactly.

His shell art is on display across the world with work included in the collection of the Vatican.

Here is a picture of Sr. Meza with a piece at the Smithsonian.
Julio Guadalupe Meza
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Here are more pictures and letters of Appreciation from dignitaries around the world.

John Paul II
  John Paul II

Attorny General Janet Napolitono

Letter of Appreciation  Letter of Appreciation
Letter of Appreciation   Letter of Appreciation   Letter of Appreciation

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